• Aj Stallworth

Mighty As Ever

The Mighty Oaks start off their inaugural season with lots of emotional ups and downs. First comes the cancellation of the FBA season. Even though the season was cancelled the team owners got together to provide an exhibition season. The exhibition season was only three games long but each team came to play the the Mighty Oaks at home . The Mighty Oaks( being a new team in the league) were elated just to be playing games during these trying times. With Corona virus precautions set in place and no fans, the Mighty Oaks started each game slow. Stated loosely because they would eventually come out with a victory in each contest. The Tampa Bay Gunners, The Brevard Bobcats, and last season's champion, The Florida Flight all had the taste of defeat handed out by the Mighty Oaks. The Mighty Oaks win with heavy guard play led by Melton Sanders and Anthony Young . With the addition of Matthew Jackson and Jareb Dougherty the guards are rounded with a style of play that the FBA maybe haven't seen before. Soon after there was talk of a tournament. Every team literally went and got their best players and came back to Gainesville's home gym. It was great..... Each team was stacked and ready. It was Basketball at its finest. Fast paced, action packed with high flying dunks and spectacular shots. FBA basketball is in Gainesville to stay. Be on the look out for the upcoming off-season and the Inaugural season of the Gainesville Mighty Oaks. Its going to be a good one!!!

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